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May 22, 2024

Ways to incorporate NEAT for fat loss

Are you looking for easy ways to burn fat without going to the gym? Incorporating NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) activities into your routine can help you achieve your fat loss goals. NEAT is all about moving more throughout the day and increasing your caloric expenditure. In this blog, we’ll explore easy ways to incorporate NEAT for fat loss.

What is NEAT

NEAT, which stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, is a way to get your body moving and burning calories without doing formal exercise. This includes all the activities you do throughout the day, such as walking, playing, dancing, gardening and even doing chores around the house. NEAT is a fun and easy way to stay active and healthy. So, remember, while you are moving and having fun, you are also getting clean and strengthening your body!

In simple terms, here’s how you can increase your NEAT and burn more calories:-

1. Walk More

Whether you live or work on the 2nd floor or 5th floor or 10th floor, always try to skip the lift and take the stairs instead. Even if you are at a shopping mall or airport, make it a habit to take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. It’s a simple and effective way to increase your activity level, burn calories and improve your overall fitness. You may be adding this type of activity to your daily routine without even realizing it. You can even invite your friends, family or co-workers to join you on your adventure and make it a social and fun activity.

2. Stand up Instead of Sitting

Avoid sitting for long periods. When you stand instead of sitting it uses more energy and can make you healthier. Sitting too much can cause pain in your back and neck. Standing more than sitting can make a big difference in your health over time.

3. Be Active During Leisure Time

Make the most of your free time by engaging in hobbies or activities that are fun and moving. Be it dancing, playing a sport, or going for a swim, walking in nature, etc. These fun activities  contribute to NEAT. These fun activities contribute to NEAT. With these activities, you burn calories in your spare time and keep yourself fit.

4. Get Moving with Gardening

Gardening is a great way to incorporate NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) into your daily routine. By caring for your plants, pulling weeds and performing other gardening tasks, you engage in physical activity that can contribute to calorie burning and fat loss.

5. Get Active in the Kitchen

Cooking keeps you moving and makes you active. When you cook, you stand, chop, stir and move around, which helps you burn calories and stay active.

You can make your day more active and fun by parking your car farther away and walking the rest of the way, standing up and stretching during commercial breaks while watching TV, taking walks after meals, playing with pets or kids. These activities not only keep you active but also make your daily routine more enjoyable and full of energy.

Remember, NEAT is not the same activity as exercise, but it can still help you burn more energy with fun. So, make sure to keep moving and being active throughout the day to stay healthy and strong.

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